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San Diego State University

Faculty-Student Mentoring Program

Gustaaf Jacobs, Ph.D,
Professor of Aerospace Engineering

During my tenure at San Diego State University I have mentored numerous students ranging from high school students, undergraduate, Masters up to Ph.D. students. It is my privilege to have been involved in a number of mentoring and training programs. Most prominently these include a NASA sponsored Undergraduate Mentoring Program in collaboration with MESA (the Mathematics Engineering and Science Achievement program) and the industry sponsored Center for Industrial Training and Engineering Research ( which I currently direct.


These programs have formed my mentoring philosophy that revolves a mentoring pipeline that prepares to enter the STEM work force. I recruit students at an early stage (high-school/undergraduate level) and expose them to project work that ranges from industry funded work to fundamental academic research in the areas of hypersonic flow, turbomachinery, and computational science. Project work teaches students essential engineering tools. The mentoring pipeline enhance communication skills and leadership through cross-pollination and mentorship between students, myself and industrial staff members.


As a first college graduate in my family, I have a deep appreciation of the contributions that quality education and mentoring have had in my professional development. Without the training and advice of kind teachers and devoted mentors, I would not have been able to identify opportunities and make the choices that have helped me become a Professor of Aerospace Engineering. I am excited to pass the lessons I have learned on. The large student body of Hispanic students, many of whom are the first college graduates in their families and the Faculty Student Mentoring Program is a perfect match. I look forward to work with STEM students from underrepresented groups who are eager to make a difference and help them advance their careers

Gustaaf Jacobs